Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My instructors are great!

I just have some of the scribbles and doodles that I did while I waited for my turn on the most resent speaking test. I did not speak real well, but I wanted to express gratitude to all of my instructors for the assistance and help that each one gives me and how much they do work for me along with all the other students to learn this wonderful language. I got a little excited today as there were a few other students that were rightfully upset over a few point they should have received on the test last week. I gave a little monologue that I do not care about the points but I have the view point that I really want to learn the language, I believe that if I can give enough energy to learning the language the grades will come along and I will still not have to worry about the grades. I love the language and would love to get proficient at producing it. It requires a lot of work and I am committing myself to give it more effort to learn it. I hope the teachers and I can more efficiently work together to do just that. Pray for me!