Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stage II

I am just trying to stay alive, it feels after the past two weeks of trying so hard to just learn the minimum amount of arabic not to fall behind while seeing so many others run ahead way too fast. The test standards of the final test we take here have been adjusted a little and we all should be right on track to make it to the end. It really has been a tough week but I am determined to make it a good experience, and I am trying to focus a little more each day on the activities that make a difference. One thing that I try to do more of is listen to arabic when ever I can. The more exposer I get the better I will be able to ear new things. On the side when I need a wind down and some personal time I am trying to focus a little more on my artwork and get a few things done. I am well known to start and get excited over and over and forget about the joy of finishing the project. I have reworked this project twice now and have sent it off to two friends that were willing to comment back.