Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dave part 2

Just thought I would give an update on how the dave painting is going. I feel good about where it is going yet I am always open to suggestions. Working on this one is inspiring me to go forward with other ones and to revisit old paintings to update, I am not sure if I should update them with new skills or just leave them in their early stages of my development!


I had the most blessed chance a few weeks ago to spend two weeks out in the field with no showers, no bed and mre's to eat. Here is one of the first drawings I did while out in the field, helping other soldiers practice their job!

a tower

a humvee

I was waiting for a range to be cleared, and this was what I saw on the monitor that I had been using to aim the camera at the targets for the other soldiers to shoot at the night before at 1 in the morning.

a thermos

a tree

Monday, September 13, 2010

New painting!

I am working on my 'style' with this painting of my brother in law. He was my first in-law. I am trying to paint a painting based on my santa painting hoping that that will be my style and I just have to make it look really cool. I am saying it like this cause I think I can make it look good. This time I am working on the drawing right on the painting board, sometimes this works but other times this doesn't!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The not so last of the Mohicans

I was in the car with the two shortest ones. Weedville was starting to complain of needing to go to the latrine and take care of business and Turtle was not sure if he was going to sleep any more in the car seat. I was doodling when I looked out the window waiting for Erin to come back out of the store so we could go when a little guy walked into another store with his mother in hand. He had this hairdo. I have seen way too many young men with this hairdo recently and when I got home I told the girls that I drew a sketch of Gillyweed today. They all wanted to see it. I showed them this one and they all got that stinky face look like you just saw something really gross. I laughed and even Gilly was not sure about the whole thing. He is a great kid. The other day he got really upset about something. He stormed over to the pull up bars I have up to improve my own pull up ability and he performed three perfect pull ups, dropped off the bar and walked somewhere else to continue to vent. What a crazy kid!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trying to get back into this!

I came across some old sketches I did back in high school just as I was beginning to take art classes and before I file them away in the round filing bin, I would like to share them with who ever may see this blog.

I did this as part of a band concert I was involved in as a trumpet player in the school jazz band. I was not the star of the show but I did want to try my hand at graphic design and some typography! It was a fun experience both as an instrument player and also as a graphic designer. I think back and ask myself why I didn't try to become a graphic designer. Okay I really don't I just need to get back to work and draw!